Since its inception, Friends of Charnwood Forest has undertaken a number of projects to enhance the local environment.

Trees on Anstey Green

Red Oak planting at Anstey
On 11 February 1989 14 Red Oaks provided by FOCF were planted on Anstey Green (seven on each side of the road). The photo shows a number of FOCF members at the planting ceremony.

Martin's Wood

n 1993 the Society, through its members and their friends, raised £12,000 towards the purchase of two fields, a total of 12 acres to the south of Dean's Lane. This purchase was in conjunction with the Woodlands Trust and The National Forest, and was to become Martin's Wood. On Saturday 5th March 1994 there was a symbolic planting of the first 50 saplings. The subsequent planting was restricted to small areas to preserve the views of Charnwood Forest and the Trent Valley. Later that year on 3rd August a plaque commemorating Sir Andrew Martin was unveiled.

The new woods are mainly oak, ash, birch and field maple with willow nearer the stream. There is an outcrop of local forest stone known as Hornstone.

There are many interesting plants and wildlife in both woods. In July 2014 we visited these woods to see how they had evolved in the 20 years since the planting.

Notice Boards for Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust

In 2016 we provided new information boards at the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust reserve sites at Charnwood Lodge and Lea Meadows. Many members will remember that we visited Charnwood Lodge in 2015, and Lea Meadows in 2012. The information boards include our logo and some information about the Friends.

Notice Board for Woodhouse Eaves

We have also provided a noticeboard, including a map of Charnwood Forest, outside the Village Hall in Woodhouse Eaves.

Stag's Head in Newtown Linford

Stag's HeadsIn 2018 a large dead tree stump on Bradgate Hill, Newtown Linford, was carved into a "Stag's Head".
Dick Howard writes: "On the grass verge of Bradgate Road, Newtown Linford, an ancient oak had died. The overhanging branches had become dangerous to traffic and the tree was lopped in the summer of 2017, leaving a stump 11 feet (3.35m) high.
I had been asking Newtwon Linford Parish Council for sometime to consider having a more impressive Village sign and I saw this stump as an opportunity to create something special. I asked if I could have the stump on behalf of FOCF with the intention of having it carved into a Stag's Head. Following approval by the PC of the draft designs, and receiving a quotation of £2500, FOCF made a donation of £1000.
I promised the PC that I would raise the balance from direct donations plus fundraising. The total sum raised was well in excess of that required and Peter Leadbeater was given the contract. He completed the Stag's Head in March 2018. The tree was estimated to be 300 years old and the Stag should live on for another 50 years." Stag's Heads
The balance of the money was used to plant trees in the churchyard and Cemetery in Newtown Linford.
We thank Bradgate Park for providing the fencing.

Kissing Gates

In 2020 we provided finance for LRWT to install three kissing gates on their Charnwood Lodge/Charley Woods estate. One is on a permissive path at Charnwod Lodge; the other two are on public rights of way in Charley Woods. We hope that, by improving access to other parts of the Forest, we can in a small way relieve the pressure on the honeypot locations of Bradgate Park and Beacon Hill.