Friends of Charnwood Forest ... NEWS ... 1st November 2012


| The main purpose of this mailing is to ensure that all members get to know about the National Trust’s intentions for STONEYWELL and especially to learn what the Committee has been doing about it. There appears to be great local support for this very special project - we hear that the National Trust’s local appeal for funds to enable them to buy Stoneywell by around the end of this year is going well. But there is also some local concern about the impact which the (quite small) number of visitors might have .


Please do read this detailed Note (even though it does run to six informative pages!) and, as always, if you wish to comment - let the Committee have your views.


|At the Committee’s recent meeting however, the most intense topic turned out to be the Future of the Friends of Charnwood Forest itself! A generally “older” membership (and that includes the Committee) cannot simply sit back to see what will happen. “Something” must be done. Recently joined Committee member, John Kettle, had recognised this and produced a discussion paper containing many ideas. A step-by-step approach to any new initiatives in the organisation is most likely. We will make the attempt in various ways to keep in touch more with members (this mailing is one example) and, as always, to invite your views about what should happen. You may also see publicity articles in the local magazines which will be one of the ways in which we hope to tell everyone in the Forest what we do and to invite them to join us.


| You can now see Professor Tony Marmont’s slides (may take some time to download) from his thought provoking presentation, “Renewable Energy - Where do we go from here?”, in case you missed it at our meeting in October. Much of it is quite technical but it’s worth a bit of time to pick out some of the salient points.


| What (or where) is Charnwood Forest? We frequently hear this question asked and, in view of our debate about our future (above), it is being asked again. Traditionally there have been many discussions about the boundary of the Forest and consequently the extent of our own interests. Recently we have supported the creation of the Charnwood Forest Regional Park and Committee members attend the Stakeholder Group meetings. Significantly, after much consultation and weighing up the various factors, the official boundary has been decided. You can see this displayed on a map plus much more information, minutes of meetings, contacts and so on via the County Council website or phone 0116 305 7067.


| Thanks once again to the able organisation by Clifford Jones and Chairman Dick Howard, the Meet the Members’ Dinner on 7th November is fully subscribed this year. An enjoyable evening is in prospect. Forthcoming meetings on 21st January and 18th March are shown in your calendar of events. Full details will follow in due course.